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The secret shortcut to define mission and purpose for your business

What transformational experience do you want to give to your clients?

If you have difficulties answering this question – you are at the right place, and in a second, I will give a secret shortcut that will make it perfectly clear.

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What transformational experience do you want to give to your clients?

If you have difficulties answering this question – look into yourself.

What transformational experience would YOU like to experience?

Or what transformation did YOU experience in the past years that has changed your life?

In other words, what do YOU need help with?

Or what DID YOU need help with in the past?

In shamanic practice, there is a concept of a Wounded Healer.

This concept is applicable to most areas of our life.

A healer has compassion and wants to help people to overcome an illness because she herself is wounded.

Meaning, she did suffer the same faith in the past or is still dealing with it.

She knows all the ins and outs of the problem, wants to solve it for herself, and has a tremendous drive to help other people who are facing the same problem.

You are a wounded healer.

What wound from the past did you heal?

What wound from the past are you still dealing with?

Bearing this in mind, answer the 5 questions:

1) Who is your client?

Describe YOURSELF in the past.

2) What are her deepest pains?

Describe YOUR deepest pains in the past.

3) What does she want?

Describe YOUR wants from the past.

4) What stops her from achieving what she wants?

Answer from YOUR personal experience.

5) What result aka transformational experience are you going to give to your client with your business?
Describe the result that has changed YOUR life and healed your wound.

As a wounded healer, you want to heal your client the same way you’ve healed yourself.

Enjoy the exercise and post your questions in comments below.

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Wear your passion!

Julia Antufjew

Julia Antufjew is a Fashion Inventor and Manufacturer, 15 years in business, Bestselling Author and driving force behind Manufacturing Club Quantumfactory, Founder of Fashion Business Mastermind™, the one and only mentorship program that helps you quit fear, get focused and streamline your fashion business.

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